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We specialize in Residential, Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Solar Installation.

Agricultural Solar Installation

We have Installed 100+ Successfull Solar Submersible Pumps and Motors for Farmers Till Now.

Residential Solar Installation

Residential Solar Projects Bring a Bag full of benefits including 24 hour Supply, Money Savings and Cool Rooftop

Commercial/Industrial Solar Installation

Commercial and Industrial Solar projects not only enable the entity to be Energy Independant, but also Avoid paying hefty amounts of Bills.

"Our Happy Clients Represent Our Dedication"

With Rising Electricity Prices and Scorching heat of the4 summer. It's Obvious to crave for Cool places, Sit under Air Conditioners, but also get worried about heavy electricity bills. But many people avoid paying heavy bills and still save themselves from heat and cold with the help of a Rooftop Solar System that generates electricity and cool down your roof as well.


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Get Your Site Surveyed By Our Team

Our Skilled Team will Survey Your Site to Get the Data About Energy Requirements, Space Availability and Equipment Requirements. This Survey Will Help Us Quote the Best Price for Your Requirements.

On-grid Solar System

An on-grid or grid-tied solar system is a system that works along with the grid. This means that any excess or deficiency of power can be fed to the grid through net metering.

Off-grid Solar System

A solar system which has battery storage and a backup is called an off grid solar system that generates electricity after power cut or during the night hours.

Hybrid Solar Power System

The hybrid solar system is connected to the grid via net metering and also has a battery backup to store the power. The energy that panels collect goes through hybrid inverter.

Our Projects

Check out our few projects from our large database of successfully completed projects for various clients. our clients include domestic and international clients from countries like USA, Canada, Australia, Finland, UK, Germany, Czech Republic, etc.


What our clients say

Here's a word from our Satisfied and Happy clients

Very cooperative , expert in profession excellent quality of service and always friendly for all kind of information . Thanks lot Manochahal Smart Energy team

Avtar Singh

Avtar Singh

The staff is very good and also, they provide much better quality in terms of service and product.

Gurpreet Singh

Gurpreet Singh

The staff is very good and also they provide much better quality in terms of service and product.

Prabhjot Singh

Prabhjot Singh

Very friendly staff and quality of solar panels is much better

Yogesh Mahajan

Yogesh Mahajan

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